April 7, 2014

  1.  i LOVE that i have a very fun and entertaining birth story to tell
  2. i LOVE that I KNEW you were a girl no matter what any ultrasound may or may not have said
  3. i LOVE that you have blue eyes, just like i prayed for
  4. i LOVE that you have way more self-confidence than i could ever pretend to muster
  5. i LOVE that you have a personal and strong relationship with GOD
  6. i LOVE that you trust me
  7. i LOVE how self-motivated and driven you are
  8. i LOVE that you are trustworthy and responsible
  9. i LOVE that you work hard for the things you want even though they don't come easily
  10. i LOVE that you call football uniforms costumes & correct anyone who calls a turn a spin
  11. i LOVE that you have grown into a girly girl who loves all things glittery & high heels
  12. i LOVE our relationship & i treasure you
  13. i LOVE when you put your feet in my bath and the talks that naturally follow
  14. i LOVE how wise you are beyond your years
  15. i LOVE the beautiful YOU that God so graciously has shared with me!
Happy Birthday, Karli!
{and many more}

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