Happy Birthday, Aubree!

December 20, 2010



My family was blessed three years ago with Aubree AnnaLynn Calverette. She has touched our lives in such a special way. Words cannot describe how much she is loved. I can hardly remember ever being alive when she wasn't. And I never want to be. She is such a sweet girl. She is so smart. She is very perceptive. She is amazing. She has captured my heart and filled my days with meaning. I cannot believe we ever contemplated whether or not we should have another baby. I just could not envision what our lives would be like if she weren't in them! She makes us laugh and she makes us proud. She entertains us. She is a great snuggle buddy and bath buddy. She hosts the best tea parties and colors the prettiest pictures. She builds the highest block towers and makes the biggest messes! I love that girl more than she loves candy! I never want to disappoint her. I never want to let her down. I never want to hurt her. I want her to know how very much I adore her. I want her to know that my life is better simply because she's part of it!
Happy Birthday, Aubree!

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