Celebrate (by Tammy Stelly)

June 26, 2010

In honor of my best friend: by Tammy Stelly (FindingTheSONlight)

Birthdays are a
celebration of life. Some people let birthdays pass without any celebration at all. The idea of growing older isn't something that they want to be reminded of. I've come to know recently, that every day that we are on this earth breathing, is a reason to celebrate. We have been given God breathed life! That's enough to shout about. The word birth means, "the beginning of existence". The word existence means, "our living". That means the day of our birth is a celebration of our existence, our living! Our existence was calculated and planned out by THE ultimate creator of all...God. We were molded in His very hands. How can we not celebrate the day that He chose to introduce His most magnificient creation to the world? Our birthdays are a celebration of God!

Today we celebrate the existence, and the living, of a very special person in my life...Dana Calverette. I will not reveal her age, in fear of never being allowed back into her house. I will just say, that it is somewhere between 36 and 38. (But, that is only an estimate. Age may vary depending on how she feels after her morning cup of joe..wink, wink) Dana's life and existence is a great celebration for me. Because, I know, that when God molded her delicately and perfectly in His hands, He knew the special day that He would introduce her to me, and that she would become a celebration in my life. Dana is one of the most honest people I have ever met. She causes me to reach down deep inside of myself, and see who I really am and who I am capable of being. Dana has listened to me cry on several occasions, fussed at me a time or two, and laughed with me all the rest. She is a devoted wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, homemaker, teacher,
prayer warrior, and her latest accomplishment...writer. I am so proud of her. She always, always approaches each new task in her life with determination and confidence. And on those mornings, where she isn't feeling quite that spunky...she is quick to drop to her knees to seek God's guidance. She is one of the best listeners, and her advice should be sold by the bucket full. She is wise beyond her years, always making sure to never preach about something she hasn't already tried herself.

Here are a few things about Dana that I think are pretty awesome!!

She has an amazing singing voice (angelic), but is too humble to admit it.

She gave my son his middle name...Jobe (Thank you!)

She had her four beautiful kids completely natural...COMPLETELY!!

She is an amazing cook! (I love her German potatoes recipe)

She is the best "coffee buddy" on the planet (besides our husbands of course)

She is a very talented photographer.

She can wear any hairstyle and always looks amazing (makes me a little sick..lol)

Her favorite shopping buddy is "Clarence" (wink,wink) She has the ability to smell a bargain from a mile away!

She gives the best hugs! (smiley face)

Dana is a true blessing in my life and the life of others...I don't even think she realizes how much. I hope this sums it up for her. Celebrate with me today! Celebrate her life and her existence! Happy Birthday my beautiful friend! You are forever a
part of my heart, my life, my existence. I love you!

A little celebratory music: please turn up the volume, click on the link below and join in on the Celebration!!

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