"Zest"fully Clean

June 30, 2010

Aubree was playing in the bathtub with her toys. I turned around to do something, (I was still in the same room with her) and within minutes I heard her crying. She had gotten soap in her eyes trying to wash her hair. Her eyes were burning and she was frightened. So I took away the soap, washed out her eyes, hands, and hair, scooped her up and wrapped her in a towel and held her close to me until she felt better.

How many times have we done basically the same thing? How many times have we done something that we were warned (by God) not to do and we found ourselves alone, in pain, and frightened? We quickly realize that we've messed up and call out to our Heavenly Father to rescue us. And faithfully, He rushes to us, cleans up our mess, and holds us close in His comforting arms until we feel better.

My kids often struggle with our rules. They don't always understand and appreciate that we make rules for their benefit. They get caught up in their (human) selfish desires and don't see the bigger picture. Often, they interpret a rule as something "to make them miserable". (They are confusing the rules with the punishment. LOL) Do we do the same thing when it comes to God's rules for us? Do we not see the bigger picture and decide to put our selfish desires above His perfect desires for us? It is easy to say- "Oh well, I don't see the harm in it. It's not going to hurt anyone." But, God knows all. He is omniscient. Why is it so hard for us to trust His perfect knowledge?

Like my kids, I struggle with this daily. The lure of sin is incredibly overpowering at times, and our imperfect flesh can be weak. It becomes more than easy to justify breaking the rules. We can talk ourselves into a heap of trouble before we know it- again! But, we should be constantly trying to learn from each failure, we should be growing with each experience that God rescues us from, and we should become stronger in our faith daily, and our heart should yearn to seek His approval. Imagine, if you will, how would you feel if your children tried their absolute best every day to do the things that you want for them to do and to refrain from those things that you've warned against?..... (I'm giving you a minute to wrap your mind around that thought, okay fantasy.) ..... What would your relationship be like? ..... (Take another minute)..... How would it be different than when you are constantly in discipline mode? Don't you want to have a relationship like that with God? How awesome it would be to sit in His favor daily!

Lord, I come to You on my knees with my head bent low and my heart heavy. Please forgive me for giving in to my own wishes and going against what You desire for me. Forgive me for thinking that I can ignore Your rules. Forgive me for being that example to my kids. Please fill me with Your grace, mercy, and love. My heart desires to do Your will and to teach my children by doing. In Jesus' most wonderful name I pray. Amen.

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