The (Wo)Man in the Mirror

June 24, 2010

Last night I was watching Aubree play without her knowing it. She was so cute. She was bringing her baby to "pee-pee" on the potty. "Now let me wipe you" she'd say. "Okay, you sit here. It's my turn". There are many times when I have seen her put her babies in "time out". "Why is your baby in time out?" I ask. "She was fussing at Drakie and she was yelling at him and she wasn't being very nice and her has to sit in time out." she replies. Often I have had a mirror held up to my face by my children. It is very heartwarming when they are being sweet and gentle, kind and loving. When they are being ugly, rude and angry it is humbling.

I have to remember that my kids are constantly learning. They soak it all in. All- not just the good stuff that we WANT them to learn. I have a great privilege to be home with my children every day, homeschooling them, but it is just as much a responsibility. I must be careful to be ever mindful of my every action and re-action! I must lead by example of how they are to treat one another. Do they hear me gossiping or do they hear me talk kindly about others? Am I respectful to my husband or do I speak to him badly? Do I speak to them with respect or am I quick to yell at them in frustration and impatience? Do they see me being lazy or doing my chores with a happy heart? Do they see me helping others? Do I display tolerance? Am I loving? Am I a good friend? Am I honest? I cannot expect them to be any of these things if I am not.

Father, please forgive me when I have failed to serve as You have commanded. There have been times when I have overlooked someone else's feelings for my own. I am guilty of not being the best that I can be. I pray that You will fill me with Your Grace and Mercy. I want to be a good example for my children. I rely upon You totally. In Jesus' most wonderful name I pray. Amen.

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