"The Gift Shop" Week 2

November 5, 2010

One week closer to CHRISTmas. Do you have the Spirit of the Season? I am constantly on the look-out for inexpensive, unique, meaningful gift ideas. I hope you enjoy this week's selections.

For the woman on your list, how about a personalized piece of jewelry. I have had my eye on similar pieces for a while now. I love the idea of wearing something with the names of my kids and/or husband. Check out the site for more options.

For the guy on your list, how about this unique goody.....It is a "Survival Kit in a Can". It costs about $12.95.

For the boys on your list... how about this "Frightened Grasshopper Solar Bug". It costs about $9.95 and boys LOVE building things!

For the girls on your list how about their very own "Lady Bug Land"! It costs about $17.50 and is sure to provide much entertainment.

For the babies..... How about a tutu and matching bib for the girls- this one costs about $24.00

And for the baby boys... this set will cost about $25.95

(I have not been compensated for my opinions nor am I endorsing any of these items or websites or stores.)

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