Let's Eat: Week 5

April 1, 2011

Watching My Weight "Wednesday" "Friday"

Okay. So I'm late! I have a perfectly legitimate reason- my internet was down on Wednesday and I couldn't post. But, this week's indulgence is just too good not to share! I want you all to be "in" on my little secret! And, here it is....

Confused? That's okay. Immabout to clear things up! We girls get chocolate cravings from time to time, right? It can get so bad for me that'd I'd eat my own foot dipped in chocolate! I'm not kidding! Well, I've discovered this little gem in all her 2 grams of Carbs beauty! I just add a little bit to my regular brewed coffee with a little Splenda and shazaam! I've got myself a cup o'heaven.  Know what else I do? I make myself a bowl of this 

and I add a little of "The Secret Ingredient" to it and OMGoodness... I don't think I've ever tasted diet food so divine! It's super good. 

So, if you're watching those carbs like me and you need a little sweet, chocolate something something, you know what to do! It's filling and satisfying. And it just might be enough to keep you on track so ya' don't fall off the (diet) train! Oh, and if you're NOT on a diet, try it anyway. It's that good people!

"You say, 'Food is for the stomach, and the stomach is for food.' This is true, though someday God will do away with both of them."1Corinthians 6:13

"Those who think it is all right to eat anything must not look down on those who won't. And those who won't eat certain foods must not condemn those who do, for God has accepted them." Romans 14:3

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