29... Again!

June 26, 2011

Last year I was honored by my friend Tammy at Finding the SONlight with a beautiful birthday blog post. This year, I thought it would be fun for my kids to write a blog post for me. They never disappoint. I was honored once again this year!
Karli's Entry
Drake always writes me the sweetest poems! 
Brant says: "Happy Birthday, Mom! I really really love you very much. That's it."

Me: "Aubree, it's Mommy's birthday."
Aubree: "Happy Birthday, Mommy."
Me: "Are you gonna buy me a present?"
Aubree: {shakes her head Yes}
Me: "What are you gonna buy Momma?"
Aubree: "I gonna buy you a princess shirt and a doll house like mine!"

Freddie: "So how does it feel to be 29?"
Me: "It feels good. I've had a lot of practice."
I love that man!

For those of you who are not buying that I am 29... my real age is ...... 38. There. I said it!

Now, I'm off to church and then I'm going to eat myself into a carb induced coma!

The End.

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