How Big Foot Ruined My Life

January 26, 2012

It was a dark and stormy night. Not fit for man nor beast. When suddenly.... this Momma had a hair brained idea! You see, she got the crazy notion that if she told her 4 year old daughter, who just so happened to be fascinated with the tv show "Finding Bigfoot", that big foot was in the woods behind the camp and he liked to eat little girls who whined, it would transform her whiny toddler into a properly behaved little girl.

Can you say "BACKFIRE!!" What have I done? My little girl, who was once the bravest child in my house, now won't even play in her room alone. She's always played in her room alone. It's how I am able to home school my kids! It's how I function. It's how I manage to brush my teeth and sweep my floors and do my laundry!

You'd think that I would have learned my lesson about scaring my children into behaving. I have three kids older than her and the two boys are paralyzed by the dark. They sleep with the big light on in their room EVERY night! And if I sneak in after they've fallen asleep and turn it off, when I wake up in the morning, it's back ON!

I had to give her a can of "Monster Spray" {aka air freshener} to convince her that she could go to the bathroom by herself. I've been trying for weeks to do damage control by drilling into her mind that "Our home is a safe place to be. It is not dangerous. Big Foot does not exist. He is a myth. Nothing scary lives here. God is here, not Big Foot. God will protect us always." She can recite back  to me the whole spiel. But, somehow, she's having a hard time buying it.

The Lesson? It's way harder to earn trust back after it's been lost. So, don't lose people's trust. Amen.

I'm trusting that God will remove this fear from her real soon!

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Anonymous said...

Bahaha! I have gotten frustrated and said similar things, but my kids love the thought of bigfoot for some reason. I think the movie Harry and the Hendersons made them unafraid of sasquatch.