20 Things I Love....

July 1, 2010

(besides the obvious, of course)

*I love Drake's foot massages

*I love when Karli polishes all of our toenails

*I love when Brant follows his Daddy around like a shadow

*I love when Aubree says "You're my best fwiend Mommy"

*I love when I find money in the dryer

*I love awesome finds at Goodwill and garage sales

*I love getting invited to dinner at someone else's house

*I love having coffee talk with Freddie in the morning

*I love getting messages on facebook

*I love $10 off your $10 purchase at JCPenney coupons

*I love CHRISTmas shopping

*I love when Freddie doesn't have to work late

*I love when someone calls me on the phone just to talk

*I love an outfit that looks GOOD

*I love the smell of a clean house

*I love getting hugs from my kids and my husband

*I love holding my baby for the 1st time when he/she is all wet, warm, & dirty

*I love when your diet soda is so cold it has ice crystals in it

*I love riding the 4 wheeler down the road to go visiting

*I love going on vacation

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TAMS said...

And...I love you!! Too cute! :)