I'm Tired!

February 17, 2011

I am having a hard time keeping up with my life lately. I guess that even "Super Mommy" has a more difficult time recouping from the flu than she'd like to admit. It's a really good thing that Brant was so far ahead in his school work because I have certainly been more lax about it than I want to be, or normally would be. We will still finish First Grade within the next couple of months and go into Second Grade immediately. My plan is to have him "caught up" with his age group within two years or so.

Freddie asked me what my plans were and I mentioned something about getting some housework done. He said, "Oh, you still do that? I thought you quit." What a funny guy. I forgive him. He really has no clue. Yes, I have been "slacking" compared to what I normally accomplish. But, I tell you, I am really struggling with my energy level. I could easily take a nap every day (even though I don't), and that is very out of character for me. If I nap, things are BAD! I'm sure that I will slowly get back into my "groove". I just hate that it's taking so long!

I've also been avoiding mirrors lately. As much as I HATE dieting, I am going to have to do something! This is ridiculous! Have I mentioned that I hate exercise more than I hate dieting? What is a girl to do? If anyone knows of a little magic pill that I can take to shed these extra 10 pounds, please let me know! Seriously- I need help people! Give me a diet plan or some sure fire way (that does not require me to exercise) to drop some poundage fairly quickly and I'm all over it! I just don't want to starve myself and still not lose any weight!

I think that if I had more energy that would solve what ails me for now. Maybe it's being cooped up inside for the past few months of winter's cold. Maybe it's being wiped out by an illness and pushing myself to recover faster than I should have. (Maybe it's the whole "I'm against exercise" thing.)  I'm just ready to move outta this slump! Come on Spring- get me out of this pit!

"And let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from start to finish." Hebrews 12:1-2

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Tammy said...

I hear laughing burns lots of calories...so just call me and we can both exercise!! :) Love ya!!