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February 28, 2011

Want to know what your kids think about? Just ask them.

My friend, Tammy, writes a blog, Finding the Sonlight, and today her post was amazing. Only it wasn't written by her. It was written by her daughter, Kaitlyn, who was given a project for school to write an auto-bio poem and a bio poem about someone in the household. She chose her sister and the results were so amazing that my friend had her also write one about her brother. (You can view them by clicking on the word "post" above.) Well, I am in love with what she wrote and it made me curious to see what my little children would have to say in an auto-bio poem. So, without further adieu....


Blue eyes. Likes eating. Brown hair. Braces.

Relative of Drake, the brains.

Friend of Lexi the weirdo and Alexis the friend.

Lover of kitties, KitKats, and my dog Freckles.

Who feels like going swimming in winter, that school makes me want to sleep, and that pigs are cute.

Who needs a rainbow eraser, pet zebra, and boudin flavored gum.

Who gives food to Grammie's cats, time to do my school, 99.9% of effort in dancing.

Who fears spiders, snakes, and lizards.

Who would like to see Justin Bieber, a zig (a mixture of a zebra and a pig), and what I would look like if I had a tail.

Who enjoys watching the clouds go by, hunting, and ballet.

Who likes to wear skinny jeans, shirts with sayings, and feather earrings.

Resident of my mind where there are dancing pigs.




I have long hair. I have brown eyes. I have a video game collection. I'm good at defense on football.

Relative of Freddie, the electronic expert.

Friend of Blain, the little ball of energy, and Gage, the teddy bear.

Lover of football, hunting, and God.

Who feels that congress should give each family $5000 for groceries.

Who finds happiness in playing football, eating cheese, and watching TV.

Who needs a bit more TV, less yelling, and more quiet time.

Who gives Grammie's cats love and toys to Aubree.

Who fears things that stare at me, chickens, and being alone in the dark.

Who would like to see Tony Hawk and Michael Waddell.

Who enjoys playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on PS3 (muted) and playing football.

Who likes to wear camo and my Octopus shirt.

Resident of Drake World, where I control my citizens.




Football player. Hunter. Friend.

Relative of Daddy, a hunter.

Friend of Brayden, lover of the color green.

Lover of shooting the gun, hunting with my family, and rabbit hunting.

Who feels that Mommy shouldn't fuss at me to clean my room.

Who finds happiness in going on vacation and my Daddy.

Who needs a phone, an iPod, and my own room.

Who gives stuffed animals to Aubree.

Who fears bad guys, bears, coyotes, alligators, and crocodiles.

Who would like to see Drew Brees play football in person.

Who enjoys hunting, shooting my shotgun, and playing with my friends.

Who likes to wear a Bone Collector T-shirt and jeans.

Resident of New Orleans, Bailey Street.




Queen. Dancer. Singer. Adorable.

Relative of her siblings, Karli the dancer, Drake the intellect, and Brant the singer.

Friend of Noah, the wild child.

Lover of Mommy and Daddy, nail polish, drawing and coloring, and CANDY!

Who feels like she should have an endless supply of candy, she should be able to sleep between Mommy & Daddy forever, and that she should never have to wear underwear.

Who finds happiness in eating candy, playing with her siblings, and being with her Grammie.

Who needs to learn how to wipe herself after she uses the potty, to learn how to write her letters, and to learn how to brush her own teeth.

Who gives the best hugs, lots of love, and plenty messes for Mommy to clean up.

Who fears bugs, coyotes, and "esketens" (skeletons).

Who would like to see Justin Bieber, The Grinch every day, Bolt every day, and Hotel for Dogs every day.

Who enjoys when her sister paints her toenails, when anyone plays with her, and eating candy.

Who likes to wear nothing, but, when she must wear something she likes leggins, t-shirts and frilly skirts.

Resident of her own little world where everyone considers her their Queen!


(Aubree's was obviously a bio poem!)

I will cherish these forever! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

"Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows in a warrior's hands. How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them!" Psalm 127:4-5

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Tammy said...

OmG!!! I laughed out loud too many times to count!! Love it. I knew me and Aubs were kindred spirits...I could watch The Grinch all day too!! Great job!!