The Valentine's Day Post

February 14, 2011

Yes. Today is Valentine's day. A day for love. A day to give gifts of the heart to the one you love. Yesterday, I thought about buying my husband a card. But, the thought was fleeting. I immediately realized that it would be so much more true and genuine if I simply told him in my own words how I feel about him. (As if he doesn't already know.)

  • I LOVE him. Completely. Honestly.
  • I like him.
  • I admire him. 
  • I need him. 
  • I love us
  • I like who we are. 
  • I admire what we have done as a couple. 
  • I love who he brings out in me. 
  • I appreciate having someone in this world that I can trust with the delicate parts of me. 
  • I love having someone to do things for and with. 
  • I love that he thinks that I am, dare I say, beautiful. (At least that's what he tells me.) 
  • He's seen what four pregnancies have done to my body and he's not grossed out by it like I am.
  • He doesn't scream at me when he has to wear his hunting socks to work with dress pants because his jeans are in the washer. 
  • He is probably the only person who can make me feel like I am an individual, instead of only being "Karli, Drake, Brant, and Aubree's Mommy". 
  • He has the ability to make me feel like "Dana, Freddie's wife"!
  • He thinks that what I do is important.
  • He thinks that I am a good Momma.
  • He works hard for his family.
  • He is truly interested in his children and gives gifts of his time to them.
  • He has loved me when I didn't think that anyone could or would. And he did it until I found a way to love myself.
Today is not unlike any other day. I love my husband and my kids just as much as I do any other day. But, today is an excuse to get sappy and tell them just what they mean to me. And I do love them. I just pray that I love them well.

Happy Valentine's Day to the Love's of my life! You make this life worth the living and you keep me wanting to be better, give better, live better, and love better! My cup runneth over!

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Tammy said...

You are so beautiful!! :)