X-Ray Vision

January 26, 2011

Yesterday was Dentist Day. I'm not even going to waste time using sarcasm to translate to you how NOT excited I am about that! So, I walked into the office and announced, "I am not responsible for whatever you find in anyone's mouth but the baby's. I brush her teeth, the rest brush their own."  That did not turn out exactly as I had planned for it to. Turns out... I cannot believe that I am even admitting to this.... that my oldest daughter is the only one who has been brushing her teeth! Okay. Not really. I HAVE been brushing the baby's teeth, but, apparently, not good enough or often enough... or maybe it's the whole NOT flossing her teeth that is the problem. I was disappointed about the boys' results, too, but, I was only half surprised at what the dentist found. I struggle with them to get them to even pretend to brush their teeth, much less, do a good job. Even with all the threats of, "If you don't want me to have to brush your teeth for you again, you have to start doing a better job!"

So, the dentist turns to me and says, "What do they drink?" Uhhhh..... immediately, I threw my husband, shoes and all, right under the bus!!!!!! "Well, I don't let them have it, but, my husband allows them one soda a day. And they will steal from anyone else's that is left lying around."  And if that wasn't good enough, I went back in to finish him off.... "And, he makes sure to keep the baby's candy jar full at all times! She doesn't even ask me for candy, she goes straight to him!" That should do it, I thought to myself. However, it doesn't feel like the monkey is on his back. It still feels like I. Have. Failed! (Sorry, Freddie! Sort of.)

Apparently, sugar is bad for your teeth or something. Who would have thought that something so seemingly innocent could reek so much havoc! It's not pretty, people! Trust me! I am so heartbroken by the devastation that sugar has left behind. She's so innocent looking. She seems so harmless... and LOVELY. She has always been so sweet. (Bada bom! I'll be here all week!)

This has got me thinking. How many cavities do I have? I'm not talking teeth here, either. It's obviously not enough to brush my teeth clean after I eat to ask for forgiveness after I sin. I must avoid sugar sin and it must be limited in my diet life.

So, what do we "feast on" that seems benign, but really is doing significant damage?  Do we set our tables with pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, laziness? If we x-ray our heart, mind, and soul, how many cavities will we find there? Or, are we more careful? Do we snack more on faith, hope, charity, fortitude, justice, temperance, and prudence?

The thing is, no one else may be able to see how many "cavities" we have, but, God has X-Ray vision!

"They hate the light because they want to sin in the darkness. They stay away from the light for fear their sins will be exposed and they will be punished." John 3:20

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Tammy said...

OMGosh!!! Could be your best post to date!! Love it and love you!