My Earthly Treasures

October 18, 2010

I am so proud of my children. I know that I often whine complain blog about how they are sometimes disrespectful to each other or me, but, they are usually very kind and loving kids. It warms me from top to bottom to see the older ones care for the younger ones, or to see one of them offer something to the other out of love, or one take up for another to me when they're in trouble. I love to see that they have adoring, sweet relationships with each other.

I love how Aubree is such a girl. She loves lip gloss, princesses, puppies, babies, bubble baths, and tea parties! She loves to play with Brant~ don't tell him I told you, but, he sometimes will let her dress him up in her princess outfits. Shhhh! She adores Karli! Nothing excites her more than when her sister will paint her nails for her. She also demands her own way. She is a queen.

Brant is our helper. If Freddie or I are doing something he wants to jump in with both feet and do it too! He prefers it to involve power tools or high speed kitchen gadgets, but a spray bottle will work just as well. He has the most heart-warming, laugh evoking, mischievous grin. He also wants to be just like us. He is a follower.

Drake could have been an only child. It wouldn't make a difference to him. He's just as content playing a video game alone or trying to build a fire in the yard with his brother and the neighbor boy. He loves getting compliments and making me proud. He is also quite emotional, in a boy kind of way. I also enjoy listening to him speak. He uses the biggest, fanciest words he can. He is an intellectual.

Karli amazes me every single day. She can be Miss Attitude one minute and Miss Awesome the next.  I can literally see her battle with raging hormones and come out victorious more times than not. She also kind of reminds me of me when I was her age in that she has a desire to be different. She wants to be unique. She doesn't want to fit into a mold. I love that about her. It makes my heart smile. I also envy how she doesn't let someone else decide how she feels about herself. If you don't like her~ Oh, well. She can pull this off without being unfriendly or arrogant. She knows who she is and she doesn't need anyone else to make her valuable. She is also very trust worthy and responsible. When I see her with Aubree, I have no doubt that she is going to be an amazing mother one day. She is always looking out for her siblings, making sure to keep them in check so they don't get hurt. She is a care taker.

I have a great life. I am humbled daily. I serve a mighty God who loves me in a mighty way. I have children who truly love the Lord. I pray that I do justice to the responsibility bestowed upon me. I want to do well by my children. I want to be an active participant in a life well-lived and I want to leave a legacy of love to my greatest treasures on earth!

"Even children are known by the way they act, whether their conduct is pure and right." Proverbs 20:11

"The father of godly children has cause for joy. What a pleasure it is to have wise children. So give your parents joy! May she who gave you birth be happy." Proverbs 23:24-25

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Marty said...

Great post, Dana. So true. We need to see the good in our kids. They ARE our treasures!
Each one is so unique and special, and God gave them to us for a reason.
Love this post. =)