Out of the Mouths of Babes

October 5, 2010

Today was a very busy day for me. I left the house at 9:15am and was gone until almost 8:00pm with the exception of 30 minutes of time for me to unload groceries and get Drake dressed for football practice. He hitched a ride with one of our friends to practice while I went to pick up my two little kids from my mother-in-law and then I met them at the football field. It took about an hour. In that hour Drake had filled her in on the entire goings-on of our day AND where we might be going on vacation next year AND how long of a drive it was for our last vacation AND how much we spent in gas on said vacation AND what we ate and how much he thinks we spent on the food~ which, by the way, he said was $50. I wish! LOL. Kids. 

I don't usually have anything to hide. I try to live my life in a way that I would not be embarrassed for others to know. There are things, of course, that I like to keep private. We all do. But, it's not because I am ashamed of how I conduct myself daily. 

What do your kids tell their friends about your life? Do you cringe to think about it? Are you afraid to find out? Or, are you just happily curious? 

Our kids don't miss much. They see and hear way more than we think they do. Often my kids have repeated to me things that I said when I didn't know they were listening. I really should be very careful to guard my lips at all times. 

You know, this is also a good reminder to me of how God sees everything I do. I cannot hide from Him. I must always be mindful of not only my actions, but my innermost thoughts as well. I am accountable to Him always. I need to be sure to live so that I will not be ashamed to stand before Him and account for my life.

"Don't try to avoid responsibility by saying you didn't know about it. For God knows all hearts, and he sees you. He keeps watch over your soul, and he knows you knew! And he will judge all people according to what they have done." Proverbs 24:12

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