The Education of Aubree AnnaLynn

July 14, 2010

Have you ever wondered where babies come from? I guess Brant figured that Aubree needed to know. This is sorta how that conversation went...

Brant: "Aubree, you know that when you came out of the egg and then you hatched. Then you came out and I held you in my hands. Then Momma held you and she smiled at you. Momma has a little pack and you stay in there. Then when Momma tries to push you out, you just come out. And that's pretty much it. And they have a little hole inside of your hatch thing and then you come out. And you were born from a little minnow. And the little minnow gets stuck in something, a little ball thing, then God just comes on your belly, then he just makes you a girl or boy. That's how you do. You were born inside a uterus. And you hatch your egg. And the baby has little flipper hands so they can swim. And they have a little pipe in his belly and that's where he eats from. And Momma drunk a whole gallon of juice into the baby's stomach. It wasn't a tadpole, but it was a different thing. Drake read me a book about babies and I saw it. And when you hatched you came out of my Momma's belly. The minnow is called a baby tadpole. And that's pretty much it. And you're a girl and you will have a baby one day. And maybe a boy will too."

Me:" No, boys cannot have babies, they don't have uteruses."

Aubree: "They have winkies."

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The Neff Zoo said...

Too funny!!! Good thing I didn't have some soda in my mouth - I'd have sprayed it all over my screen! ROFL