The World's Saddest Day

July 5, 2010

This morning, when I was doing school with Brant, I was reading Bible stories to him and we read about The World's Saddest Day. It was the day that Eve was tempted by Satan in the Garden of Eden and ate from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. There was a sentence that said "Satan was lying, but Eve believed him instead of believing God. She looked at the forbidden tree. Its fruit looked so good that she took some and ate it."

Now this got me thinking... It is the same way with me when I am tempted by the world to participate in something that is ungodly (sinful). I am tempted and lied to by the world and then, I justify it to myself, essentially, lying to myself instead of believing God. Then, I must face the consequences. With God, consequences are certain, even if they are not immediate.

We all fall into this same trap~ poor, rich, famous, unknown, humble, mighty, pastor, and civilian alike. It is a daily battle and we must be vigilant about staying alert to recognize sin in all of its forms. We must tune in to that inner voice that nags you when you are about to do something that goes against what God has commanded us. We need to learn how to still our minds and heed that uneasy feeling before falling into Satan's trap as Eve did.

Why should we turn from sin? In simple terms, the way I see it~ God wants the best for us. We should trust Him completely. He has laid out a set of guidelines for us to follow to obtain our best. The pathway is not always easy, but, the obstacles along the way train us to be prepared to handle what's to come. When faced with temptation to get "immediate satisfaction or pleasure via the sinful path" we should train ourselves, much like a marathon runner, to turn away from that sin and seek God's direction. (Sin) Satan's path leads straight to hell, and (obedience) God's path leads us to Heaven. Satan tempts us often with something easy over God's more difficult choice, but sin is never worth it in the end! And, after all, isn't that what really matters? The End?

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