Shout to the Lord

August 24, 2010

Sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I get bored with the monotony of one day bleeding into the next almost seamlessly. Sometimes I have a hard time motivating myself to get up and do the same thing today that I did yesterday. And then I look at my kids and I could just kick myself, because I am SO blessed! It's ridiculous. I get to stay home with my four awesome children every single day! I get to be the one to take care of them when they're sick, discipline them when they misbehave, laugh with them when they're silly, pull my hair out when they spend my patience, I'm the recipient of midday kisses and hugs for no reason at all. What the heck do I have to complain about? Sure, the laundry NEVER ends, somebody ALWAYS wants to eat, not everyone at my house can wipe their own behind, no one else can mop the floors, but, the alternative is definitely not better.

The alternative would leave the space between Freddie & I in bed at night empty, it would leave my heart yearning, it would have me at a job every day that I did not love. I have a husband that truly is my best friend, who is my hero, who is everything I could want in a man and more. My kids are healthy and smart and beautiful. I am close to my extended family. I have friends who love me, who I love back. 

I really do love being home with my kids. It's not that I don't know how lucky I am. I never, ever, not even for one second, wish that I had a different life. It is just that sometimes, I forget to practice active gratitude. I have been given far too much to not be actively grateful EVERY day! 

Father, forgive me! Forgive me when I feel this way. Forgive me for taking for granted the very thing I have wanted most in my whole entire life (even if only for a few seconds)! Forgive me for not constantly praising you for the opportunity to live my dream because there are so many others who do not get to. Forgive me for not shouting out how truly, mind-boggling amazed I am at how You have poured out your blessings on me. I am humbled by Your love for me. Thank You. Amen.

 Psalm 100
"Shout with joy to the Lord, O earth! Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy. Acknowledge that the Lord is God! He made us, and we are his. We are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and bless his name. For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation."

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Wendy said...

I think we all forget just how truely blessed we really are (even if it is just for a second)!!