31 Days {day 15}

October 15, 2013

describe how you knew your spouse was the one

Freddie & I have  been married for over 21 years now.
We have officially been married longer than we have not been married.
So how did I know that he was the one?
I'm not sure that there is a specific moment that I knew.
It was more of a series of things that just made sense.

The first time he kissed me I literally felt my heart melt and pour into my toes.
{I wish I could say that he is the only boy I've ever kissed.
I don't think you should get that personal with someone you are not very serious about-
but that'a a whole other blog post.}
Anyway, that is the only time EVER in my whole entire life that has happened.

Another important thing is that we were literally the best of friends 
long before we had a dating relationship.
I knew him in a totally different way because of this.
You tend to be a little more real with your friends 
than with the person you're trying to impress as a potential date.

We dated in high school and went our separate ways.
It would have been very easy for that to have been the end of it.
But, when God has a plan it will come to pass.
After I graduated from high school I moved out of my parents house.
I moved to a totally different city.
I should not have been able to have been found.
But, he found me.
He had it set upon his heart to find me and that's what he did.
There was a connection that we shared that was not easily ignored
and time [and apparently distance} could not erase it.

And then there's the test.
When a man's mother asks you to marry him
what are you going to say?
Yes. My mother-in-law popped the question, initially.
What had happened was...
Freddie was in boot camp.
No cell phones. No internet. Old fashioned pay phones and snail mail.
He called intent on proposing to me but I was not there.
His mom was.
So, too impatient to wait, or too afraid he'd chicken out, 
he told his mom to ask me if I would marry him.
You can judge all you want.
But you know it's real 
when you don't even hesitate in that circumstance to scream YES!
{okay. I didn't answer her. I waited for him to ask the next time he called. Needless to say I rarely left the house until I got that next phone call from him, not knowing when it might be.}

So it would appear that we are what you might call destiny.
Even so, our life together has not been easy or without trials.
We have often had to fight to be together.
We have had to fight to stay together.
We have faced the scary reality that sometimes
 being apart was the only thing harder than being together.
This was our first Christmas as a married couple.

So there it is.
Our Story.
Our beautiful, story.

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