31 Days {day 21}

October 21, 2013

describe your relationship with your parents

My relationship with my parents.
Can I just skip this one?

My relationship with my dad....
It's cordial & friendly.
I guess kind of like what you might have with an uncle.
I had a really rough childhood.
There was abuse. Lots of it.
There were some happy memories with my dad, 
but the ones that were not happy were very not happy.
There has been forgiveness.
But some wounds are too deep to forget.
I love him because he is my father,
however I cannot have a close relationship with him.

My relationship with my momma...
It's evolving.
We have our ebbs and flows.
She has worked so hard the past few years to improve many areas of her life
and I am incredibly proud of her for that.
It can be difficult at times to be her daughter.
Sometimes it is draining and frustrating.
The thing about my momma is that there is not a mean bone in her body.
She truly is kind.
Her intentions are good, 
but there is something that stops her sometimes from acting them out.
So here's the rub... 
I love her. I really do.
I trust her. She will always love me.
I will care for her. She has a fear of being alone & I will never let that happen.
I will not quit trying to make us better.
And quite frankly, sometimes, the problems we face are not her fault but mine.
The relationship we have is not necessarily one I want to have with my adult kids,
but it's ours.
It's the best either of us can do at any given moment.
And there is love between us- even if we struggle to show it well sometimes.

"Keep your love for one another at full strength, because love covers a multitude of sins." 1Peter 4:8

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Rebecca Matte said...

So honest is all I can say.