31 Days {day 23}

October 23, 2013

what is your favorite holiday and why?

This one is easy.
My favorite holiday is CHRISTmas.
I love CHRISTmas because it is so much more than just one day.
It's a season.
With the first cool spell of fall, a spark ignites an ember within me.
It is the trigger reminding me of a coming day where we will gather 
with our family and friends to celebrate and reconnect.
There will be laughing, and food, and exchanges of tokens of our affections.
Memories will be relived and made new.
It's a sentimental hope, a settling deep within, a joy, an emptying of one's self to be filled.
CHRISTmas is when I turn off the noise of the world 
{for the most part}
and focus on the Gift and what it means for me.
Every year it's about the Birth- about God becoming a human being in the person of Jesus.
It's the reminder of His love for us that awakens me to a re-birth within my soul.
I am grateful always for a Savior who gave the Greatest Gift, 
and for the celebration of His birth continues to give so much more to me & my family.

"Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord." Luke 2:


reading the CHRISTmas story at our family party

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